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Pettoo is the most advanced free pet registry that helps people reunite with their pets. Our focus is to give total control to the owners over their pet’s information.

Each and every day thousands of pets become lost. Unfortunately, very few are reunited with their families. The statistics are heartbreaking and quite unbelievable. In Canada, only about 11% of pets admitted to a shelter found their way back home in 2010, and a staggering 51,700 of them were euthanized. Pettoo was born out of our love of pets and a desire to help our community. Using latest technology we create useful and practical tools for pet safety, help owners connect with their community and improve their ownership experience.

We take great pride in being part of a growing network of responsible owners helping save lives of our pet friends. Join us.­­

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Thank you for your interest in Pettoo. We are happy to answer your questions about our products and services. Please choose the appropriate contact information below so we can respond to your inquiries as soon as possible.

Technical Support: techsupport@pettoo.ca
Billing and Accounts: membership@pettoo.ca
Business Inquiries: business@pettoo.ca
General Inquiries: ask@pettoo.ca

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Mailing Address
1562 Lonsdale Avenue
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Tel: +1 (604) 210-3643
Toll Free: +1 (855) 738-8661

There are many ways shelters, breeders, walkers and other pet care providers can use Pettoo to increase their effectiveness. To take advantage of our robust pet registry service and to learn more about our tools please contact us: business@pettoo.ca


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